Basic Flooring Tile Design for Interior

Basic floor tile design for interior – a combination of small tile floor length with square tile floor has amber color. Suitable for bathroom floor with wood flooring motif. According to the color of bathroom furnishings and precise with bathroom design. By applying the right combination of tile floors make the small bathroom look spacious. Especially, if it combined with the light generated from the lamp bathroom wall. Perfection bathrooms in addition to wearing floor tile is produced by the lighting of lamps bathroom floor.

Floor tiles that can be used to across the room into the most sought after choice and a lot of people. In addition to saving time and costs, use the same tile floor in each room can be different by using pattern tile floor. Despite only having the same shape and size, but with a different design patterns from every room, will give the impression of the different floor design between one room with another room in the house. Not only from the pattern just makes the room look different by using the same tile floor but also with the different way of laying the floor can provide an assessment that the floor tiles are used in the house has a different story. As seen in the figure, although the same floor, but the laying of different floor design, looks like wearing two types of flooring as well.

Tile Floor Design

As well as design the bathroom floor. Bathroom floor should not be wearing a simple slippery floor. Less precise when you choose your tile floor to floor bedroom. If you are forced to wear in the shower, do not just install floor tile course, you should be able to combine the floor tiles with other types of flooring that can compensate for the state in the bathroom. Could use tile floor design with the edge of concrete floor wear pattern. This gives even more attractive tile floor design for the bathroom.

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