Cozy Open Flooring Design For Home

Open floor between the living room, kitchen and living room. This has the same floor with a zigzag position of the room, but to be in a room that extends. Although from every room has a different design with the use of furniture in every room of the open floor. From the front looks like an open floor between the living room and family room, but when seen again from the family room, open floor design will be visible between the living room, dining room and kitchen. With the right design for the floor plan open house, giving the appearance of the house is amazing. Like having a winding and a hidden room, but when seen more clearly, all the rooms are in a place that is open.

Most of house open floor design that is visible from every house is the family room and kitchen. Despite having an open floor design house, to distinguish between the living room with kitchen can be distinguished from that used for the second floor of the room. Although not a few people who use the open house floor with the same house floor. This gives cool view of the design of the open house floor. Wood flooring for the kitchen floor and floor tiles for floor family room.

Open Floor Design

Open floor design is suitable for you who have a two-story house design. You can use an open two-story home design that is visible from the bottom of the second floor of house, and part of the second floor of house will be seen from the lower floor. You can use a circular staircase, giving you the flexibility to see the whole room was on the floor of the house from the second floor of your house. Apart from the design of the floor of the house, you also should be able to choose the right floor for your house. Unique floor design house and wear cool floor patterns for the design of open house floor.

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