Painted Floor Inspire Creations

Amazing painted floor ideas – idea painting floors in the spotlight today’s society. Despite using a cool floors, they feel not satisfied with the floors uses, especially for those who are already wearing a white floors. They want to have a floors with different colors and patterns. Then with their spirit looking for ideas to paint the floors. The emergence of the idea of painting the floors came from one of the users wood flooring wood floors gained the experience discoloration. Without thinking, the wood floors directly given permanent paint color with different color from the color of the wood floors before. Truly amazing results, painted wood floors back has a cool color and in accordance with the paint color of the room walls.

But can be done on the wooden floors, idea painting floors can also be used on concrete floors and floor tiles. For example, your use the yellow color ceramic floors, your can just painting the tile floors with red or can also be made using a pattern with green paint. Thus obtained ceramic floors with a combination of cool and has a tiled floors pattern design unique. This is suitable for use as a bedroom floor. If your are not able to paint the floors itself, there are other ways to get different color floors. Just buy floors with two pairs of alternating between color and one color with another color. So, it looks floors painted two colors.

Painting Floors

Do the painting on floors more easily done on a wooden floors and concrete floors. Can also easily determine the pattern that your want from the floors painting. For the determination of colors and patterns, can be adapted to the design of the room that will be put on the painted floors. Your may not painting floor of the bathroom, your should know that floors will be painted so that the results of the painted floors can provide a cool room decor. Use idea painting floors with the best in order to get satisfactory results. Not only for yourself, but for others. Others will be amazed with something different and unique impressed. This also applies with the idea painting floors.

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